Intercom Systems Dubai, UAE| Audio and Video Intercom Systems


180 Technologies based in UAE has the finest wired and wireless smart home intercom equipment you need to transform your idea into reality, whether you want to broadcast messages or sounds across your home or need to answer a call from your video doorbell.


There are different sorts of intercom systems available, whether you want internet-connected features, video capabilities, audio-only, or an audio-video intercom system.

Because audio and video intercom solutions are security devices that allow entrance into your house, it’s critical that they’re installed by a Registered Security Installation firm with certified installers. You want to be certain that you’re working with a reputable security firm. Always double-check that the intercom firm has the necessary security licenses. 180 Technologies is a Registered Security Installer in UAE, so you can be assured that your personal information is secure and that your security system is up to date.


We are the most trusted provider of intercom systems in Dubai with the rich experience of working with a variety of clients belonging to different industries. We provide a wide range of intercom systems for you to choose from. They range from basic walkie-talkie systems to the systems that help in global communication. Our technical experts are well updated with the advancements in home and business security solutions, and also educate you on the importance of such solutions in your business or residence. Our intercom door entry system can be integrated with smart access control systems to provide enhanced security benefits with very little maintenance.


At 180 Technologies, we have a set of highly skilled technicians to set up your intercom systems in no time. Client satisfaction has always been our motto throughout our successful journey, which has made us the first choice for smart intercom systems in Dubai.

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