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Consider how convenient it is to go to the movies: you stroll in, pick a seat, and relax until the movie begins. You don’t have to do anything because the audio/video sound system, lighting, seating, and other elements are already in place to provide an excellent viewing experience.


What if we told you that you could get the same effect in your own home theatre in Dubai or UAE?

Automating your best home theatre system can help you get the best video and audio in every room in the house, for a sleek, unobtrusive experience no matter where you are. This is a feature that will impress your friends and family, as well as your neighbours.



Why should you incorporate home automation technologies into your home theatre setup?

Here are a few advantages:

The ability to control all of your audiovisual devices from a single location, usually a tablet.

  1. The convenience of remote control and hands-free operation
  2. You have the freedom to listen or view from wherever you wish.
  3. Energy efficiency has improved.
  4. Device functionality has been improved.

At 180 technologies LLC, we provide you with a whole new entertainment experience in your home. We have both wired and wireless home theatre systems that can be set up in any spacious area of your choice. The perfect ambience of being in a theatre can be set up with our high-quality surround sound system that can make you fully immersed in the world of movies. Our highly skilled and experienced acoustic experts have a clear idea of how the home theatre speakers and sound system should be designed in a given interior to provide the best effect. By completely understanding your needs and requirements, we apply our expertise to ensure client satisfaction on all grounds.


Delivering our quality services to a number of happy customers, we have always been the first choice for home theatre systems in Dubai, UAE. At 180 technologies LLC, we ensure that you have the best home cinema adventure to chill out in your free time.

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