Automatic Garage Doors and Shutters in Dubai, UAE


With the advancement in the field of home automation, smart homes have become the center of attraction for the present and the future. Apart from the devices and appliances used inside a house, smart garage shutters have become very much important in delivering a premium feel. Smart garage motors are designed to provide a simplified, secure, and luxurious car parking experience at home.

180 Technologies offers a variety of designs to complement the outside and architectural style of your home, enhancing the overall appearance.


– Because the panels are composed of aluminium, they are anti-rust.

– Attractive and graceful

– Compact design

– Easy installation

– Saves space

– Manual disengaging mechanism that releases quickly in the event of a power outage.


Smart garage shutters come in a variety of designs and technology including small, medium, and high-end automation. You may choose a specific motor system based on its performance, control, and how its shutters function. At 180 technologies, we offer the best designed manual and automatic garage doors in Dubai, UAE. all our garage motors are quality and efficiency tested, and have been happily used by many of our clients for a long time. We provide cost-effective services without compromising on the value and standard of our garage door systems.


Being one of the most trusted partners for garage doors in Dubai, we have a set of highly skilled and trained professionals who can erase all your concerns about modern garage systems. They have in-depth knowledge in the business, and also help you decide what kind of systems suit you the most. Our skilled technicians install these shutters in no time and are available 24/7 for any kind of maintenance or doubts regarding it. At 180 technologies, we always give importance to client satisfaction, and that makes us different from the others.

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