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The BGM system contributes to the smoothing of the environment and image by providing a sound that is appropriate for T.P.O. (Time, Place, Occasion). 180 Technologies LLC provides specific announcement and background music sound system solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective, as well as easily upgradeable to keep up with the current trends and technologies. We recommended the finest options based on the client’s needs and the system’s budget.


Why BGM?

BGM systems are a great way to keep your guests occupied while they wait. Having lovely music playing in hotels, restaurants, lobbies, and corridors, or even at home, is quite relaxing.

The following are the major benefits of BGM solutions: – Increases peace of mind.

– Assists the guest in relaxing.

–Assists in the relaxation of visitors.

The background music not only creates the right ambience but also conveys a positive vibe.


A BGM system serves as a plug-and-play solution for all venues. Modern BGM systems are designed to function as announcement systems also, where the music automatically stops when an announcement is to be made. At 180 Technologies, we have a team of skilled acoustic experts who are well versed in the advancements in the field of sound technology. They can provide you with detailed information about BGM systems and their benefits. With their immense experience in the industry, they can also design the overall composition of the sound systems in your desired interior.


Being one of the leading suppliers of BGM systems in Dubai, we have immense experience in providing our services to a variety of businesses across many industries. Our highly skilled technical staff can complete all tasks related to installation and control in no time. At 180 Technologies, we always strive to maintain client satisfaction by delivering our best to ensure that our client relationships are healthy and enduring.

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