Save energy with home automation: 5 simple tips
save energy with smart homes

5 Best ways to save energy with home automation

by Gotmenow

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This blog will concentrate on the most effective methods for save energy that involve home automation and using smart devices.

1. Standby Appliances

Standby appliances such as laptops, TVs, microwaves, and other electrical devices do not, in reality, reduce the consumption of energy. Therefore, you will need the input of smart plugs to counter this.

Smart plugs can disconnect your devices when they are not in use. Smart plugs can do this at specific periods of the day, for instance, at night when devices usually are not in use.

save energy with smart homes

2. Automated Lighting

Sometimes lights in a home are needlessly left on, which results in wastage of energy. It is also common to forget turning off the lights within the house.

By using smart lights, lighting in a household can be efficiently managed. Smart lights can dim or adjust the brightness as per the natural light available in the surroundings of the household. This enables scheduling of lights to turn on or off at specific times, reducing the energy consumption of the bulbs.

3. Smart Lighting

If you are using incandescent bulbs, please stop reading this post now and discard them immediately. This is because only ten percent of the energy they consume is converted into actual light, while the remaining ninety percent is released as heat. This not only consumes more power but also generates excessive heat, which can be uncomfortable during summers in UAE.

save energy with smart homes

4. Turn Off Items You Don’t Use

When purchasing smart devices, it is important to understand that turning off devices using these appliances can result in up to a ten percent increase in energy savings. Even devices on standby mode consume some amount of electricity.

Therefore, turning off these devices can significantly reduce electricity consumption. Unlike before, it is now easy to save on power, and some devices even have a sleep mode that minimizes electricity usage.

5. Automated Blinds

The configuration of your blinds with a smart hub depends on the type of shades you have. If you have regular shades, you can set them up yourself with the smart hub in your home.

This may require some DIY work, but it is a worthwhile investment for those who are interested. By optimizing the use of sunlight, you can reduce the amount of electricity required to operate your blinds.

In conclusion, as we have seen above, you can effectively manage your smart devices and reduce your electricity consumption. The efficiency of smart devices largely depends on how you use them, and you can optimize their power usage accordingly.

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