Modern video surveillance system: Simple tips to know
modern video surveillance system

Why Your Home Is Secured by a Modern Video Surveillance System?

by Gotmenow

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A modern video surveillance system makes it possible to monitor your home from anywhere. For more information on the newest features and choices in home video surveillance, continue reading below.

Intelligent Video Cameras

modern video surveillance system

It’s difficult to ignore the advancements made in smartphone cameras in the last five years alone. Two main factors—dramatic increases in processing power and advancements in artificial intelligence software—can be credited for the image quality and the amazing things accomplished in software instead of hardware. What does this indicate for surveillance cameras?

The same technological advancements have been used by security cameras to provide precise motion detection, people and vehicle detection, night vision, label and licence plate recognition, and more. As a result, important events will be alerted to you intelligently rather than needlessly alerting you to trivial activity. Additionally, this additional intelligence makes searching for footage of a particular event simple.

Systems for Integrated Entry

The most recent entry systems that incorporate a security camera will come in handy if your Dubai property is used by friends and family, is occasionally rented out, or is a second home. Wide-angle cameras with recording capabilities, a two-way intercom, and smart lock functionality are all included in solutions. You are always in control of who has access to your home and can receive notifications of visitors, grant temporary access, and more.

Smart Home Integration

modern video surveillance system

Despite the long history of security systems, sensors and alarms tended to be reactive rather than proactive. Nowadays, security is much more effective thanks to smart video surveillance and home automation.

For instance, if a camera notices unexpected activity, an automated routine may turn on the indoor and outdoor lights. In order to only receive an alert if a person or vehicle is seen and close enough to intrude on your property, surveillance and video doorbell cameras can be set up to monitor only specific areas of a view. After that, an automated response might alert you, turn on the lights, sound an alarm or an audible warning, or even call the police.

Additionally, you’ll have much more information because you can use your app to access multiple camera views and see precisely where any activity is occurring around your property.

With the most up-to-date video surveillance systems, 180 Technologies can increase the level of security in your home. To get started, get in touch with us here. We look forward to working with you.

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